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Our Team:

People on our team are able to continue with school, balance work with life, and reach their goals. 


Some careers that we've seen our coworkers take on are physiotherapist, pastry chef, social worker, volunteer, caregiver, and childcare work. 

​We offer:

  • Extended health benefits at starting 6 months (dental & vision included, prescription coverage of 90%, and DIRECT BILLING)

  • Competitive wages 

  • Flexible schedule w/paid breaks

  • Weekends & STAT holidays off

  • Monday - Friday daytime (no evenings)

  • All supplies provided 

  • Payday every 2nd Thursday

  • Respectful clients

You Need: 

  • Reliable cellphone with a data plan

  • Police background check 

  • Clear drivers abstract (drivers only)

  • Relatively fit/healthy

  • Black, blue, or grey athletic clothing (no patterns or large logos)

  • Ready to work - this is a physical job 

Cleaning as a Career

What does cleaning take? Do you like to be moving and busy at work? Do you like working with a small group? 

Cleaning has clear expectations of a consistent job well done. With the right co-workers, the workday passes quickly and stress-free. 


Is It Gross?

Typically, no, but if you're worried about that being a challenge this likely isn't the job for you. We work for respectful clients that provide us with healthy working environments. 


How do we get around?

One team member drives and the other one is picked up from the LRT. Drivers are paid in addition to their wage an allowance for use of vehicles. $0.61 per KM. Clock-in is when you are picked up at the LRT and clock-out is when you are dropped off. 

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