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Luxury Homes

Marble. Granet. Quartz. Soap Stone.  

High Ceilings. Fine art. 

Gas Range Stoves. Stainless Steel. 

Antiques. Musical Instruments. Persian Rugs.

Hardwood Floors. Hidden Compartments.  Gyms.

Outdoor Dining Rooms. Spare Rooms. 

2000+ Sq Ft. 

Large, luxury homes still receive the same team for each cleaning with the option of a larger team. 

  • ​Effective cleaning at a responsible pace 

  • Balanced efforts between low & high traffic areas 

  • Knowledgeable real-time judgment calls

  • Knowledge of products and uses

  • Precise techniques 

  • Respectful, accommodating interactions 

  • Teams up to 4 people 

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