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Weekly, Bi-weekly, Monthly


Deep Clean, Move in/out, Construction 

What does HOUSEKEEPING include?
  • Full cleaning of everything in our path, (including under beds, baseboards, moving light furniture, spot cleaning windows, light switches, door nobs, etc.)

  • A regular team of two, the same team each visit

  • Access to bookings & invoices through Jobber 

  • Supplied cleaning products and vacuum

  • Tools/supplies sanitized between houses

  • Kindness toward your pets

  • Respect for you, your family, and your home

  • An initial deep clean must be done prior to booking regular housekeeping services

  • Changing bedsheets must be booked in advance

LARGE JOBS: Deep cleaning, move-in/out, construction. 

Initial Cleaning/1-Time Deep Clean

  • 6-hour minimum on apartments (more for bigger properties)

    • Less will be charged if time goes unused. Sq ft is not an accurate indicator of the work required until after the initial cleaning is complete. Most properties seem "not that bad" until you get close up and your hand dirty.  ​

  • Brings your home's cleanliness up to a professional standard, lasts up to 4 weeks 

  • Full cleaning in all rooms booked (includes: walls as needed, under beds, baseboards, moving light furniture, light fixtures, etc.)

    • ADDITIONAL REQUEST WHEN BOOKING: ​Windows, inside/under fridge or stove, grout brightening, stainless steel polish, outdoor areas (weather permitting), degreasing top of kitchen cabinets, inside kitchen cabinets. These services are marked as additional since they will either need specialty products and/or additional time. 

Move-in/out & Construction

  • Full cleaning of all surfaces

  • Includes:

    • Inside all cupboards, cabinets, and closets. Inside/under fridge and stove. Windows. Walls (as needed). Outdoor areas (weather permitting).

    • Request only: grout brightening, carpet steaming

  • It is most cost-effective when the property is empty

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